All ten Farnborough Groove releases are available for purchase on our Bandcamp site. Ripped from the original cassette tapes, these are very reasonably priced.

Farnborough Groove Volume 1 (1991)

Farnborough Groove Volume 1

After The Dream – Diamond In The Dust
Blue Velvet – Gold That Shines
Explodehead! – Slide
Frayed Edge – Can’t Get Out Of Bed
Patrick James – Save Me A Place In The Queue For Freedom
The Sack – One Small Cut
Sad Town – Stoked Out
Phobia – Thank You
Who Moved The Ground? – Last Stand For The Topical Bore
The Hype – Wasting Time
Electric Icecream Productions – Marionette
The Smile – White Machine
Home Again – Hard Rain City
Cloud Watchers – Power Coward
The Flowers Of Sacrifice – 16 Roses
Mega City 4 – Distant Relatives (live)
Blindmans Rainbow – All Gone
Bubble-Eyed Dog Boys – Turnaround
33 A.D. – It’s Only Progress
Daisy Hour – Depressed Mode (How I Wish)
Giant Arc – Fire Up The Sun

Son of Farnborough Groove
(Farnborough Groove Volume 2) (1992)

Wave – Bill
The Flowers Of Sacrifice – Asylum
Parma Violet – Sky
Phobia – Inside Out
Cesspit Rebels – Who Stole My Custard Creams
West One – House Of Cards
Pretty Green – Deception
Blue Velvet – Don’t Dare The Devil
Thieves Of Dreams – Give The Game Away
Sad Town – Is God Shining Down On Them?
The River Thieves – Tear It All Down
Frayed Edge – Honest Man
Rusty Bucket – Burn
Magic Moments At Twilight Time – Spirit
Patrick James – Her Planet Of Dreams
Big Sun – Ravachol
Exit – Just A Game
Close Quarters – There She Goes
Slug – Lizard Tummy Neck
Who Moved The Ground? – It’s Not You
Big Wednesday – We Need To Talk
Static Erractic – I Know About Love

Return Of Farnborough Groove
(Farnborough Groove Volume 3) (1993)

Blue Velvet – Shot Yourself Down
The River Thieves – Winter
Giant Arc – Hunters
Who Moved The Ground? – Paper Happiness (Remix)
Sad Town – Your Conscience Always Win
Patrick James – Here Comes The Hallelujah
Thieves Of Dreams – Shelter
After The Dream – Artoria
Waterbratz – You Know
Metropolis – In Heavens Name
Rachel Papers – Finishing Time
Phobia – The Light
Salt Tank – Aura
Backlash – Drowning
Girls On Dextrose – The Images Fades
Peachrazor – Heaven
Basket Weavers – How Long
Magic Moments At Twilight Time – Blitzkrieg
Inner X – Hey You
Overspill – Pointless
Pretty Green – Small Town Scene
The Flowers Of Sacrifice – Never & Ever

Revenge of Farnborough Groove
(Farnborough Groove Volume 4) (1994)

Vox Pop – Pretty Impossible
Who Moved The Ground? – Please Don’t Leave (live acoustic)
Redefining Beautiful – Swan
Mrs East – Dreams & Ambitions
Cow – It’s Not Enough
Billy Liberator – She’s Just One Kiss Away
Shine – Journey
David Paul – As Long As There’s Love
Summersault – Autumn
Cesspit Rebels – Ed Filbin’s Backyard
Scutters – To Kill A Mocking Bird
Sad Town – Without Consent
Babe Rainbow – You Surround Me
Strangeworld – Just The Same
Boogiemen – I’ve Made Nights My Myself
Episode 4 – Free & Easy
Chase – Gus O’Ria
Stone Circle – Fungal Party
Patrick James – First I Saw A Raven
Magic Moments At Twilight Time – Dream Cream

Farnborough Groove Strikes Back!
(Farnborough Groove Volume 5) (1995)

Who Moved The Ground? – Boredom
Skipper – Cheated
The Perfect Circles – Don’t Let Me Down
Cuckooland – Maundy Maundy
The Four Marys – The Bouncing Song
Headcopter – Call Us, Let Us Know
Vox Pop – Beat Girl & Me
Bloom – Celluloid
Parma Violet – Holy Rover
Crazyface – Respect
Little Stabs Of Happiness – Disease
Headnoise – Shake
Epicureans – Flexible Bullets
The Rileys – Time Will Pass
Sideways – Summers Here To Stay
J.C.Regulator – Go For It
Twister – Bloodrush
Buzzwagon – Love Like A Carnival
Redefining Beautiful – Discontent
West One – Dreaming On My Feet
Toys In The Attic – Lost
Doo The Moog – African Wave
Elephant Talk – Stop
Bash – Missing You

Best Farnborough Groove In The World – Ever!
(Farnborough Groove Volume 6) (1996)

Bloom – Every Other Word
The Perfect Circles – Rainchaser
Who Moved The Ground? – Whats That?
Breaker – Last Time
Headcopter – I Don’t Think I Deserved This
Wob – The Poacher
Skipper – Grateful
J.C.Regulator – Paradise Found
Pallet – Bad Hair Day
Eat The Sofa – Love My Life
Redwood – Sad Sick World
Dry Riser – Colours
Caged – Line Up The Arrows
My Revolution – Out Of My Head
Entropy – Cure For Hypochondria
Doo The Moog – Hyde Park
Superbia – Over The Clouds
Fly Agaruic – Amantia
Clunge – Sleepless
The Innocent – The Story
Rehab – Persuasion
Pin – Detox
Silverspere – India
The Big Collapse – Hall Of Mirrors
Disturbing Guests – Rubberhead
Twister – Serenade Savage

Geography Sucks
(Farnborough Groove Volume 7) (1997)

Inter – First
Kilter – Solar
Eastwood – Stone Cold Sober
Twister – It’s A Dogs Life
Edna – Hope For The Hopeless
Vibracore – Seen The Light
Dick Savage – English Arrogance
Hobbes – Forever Friends
Avalanche – White Chameleon
Snideline – Too Long
Ten Feet High – Break My Fall
Penfold – Happy
Nixon – Twenty Below
Caged – Change
Who Shot Mr Burns? – Stunned
Choker – Conspiracy
Concrete Dog – Reach
Hobie – Belong
Downwood – Freefall

Farnborough Groove Volume 8 (1999)

@tomika – Third Star From The Right
Sonic Blue – I Know You Know
Wob – Hopeless
Ten Feet High – Great Chain Of Being
Spotless – Rocket To The Moon
Boa – Screaming Daises
Gandharva – Lion Heart
Winner – Ask Why
Situation 4 – Situation 4
Dick Savage – Time To Sleep
Angel – Victim
Enertia – Say Something
Bush Pilots – Time To Stand
Richard Sparkes – One In A Million
TFL – Fleas
Kartel – If You
Hip Slinky – She’s So High
Afterglo – The Other Day
Hotel Lounge – Candy Hearts (Edit)
Thirst – Fly

Farnborough Groove Volume 9 (2001)

@tomika – Wiser?
Cephas – Quiet Cancer
Reuben – Words From Reuben
Mindwire – Control
Stakeout – Final Brawl
The Respective – Stuck On Monday
Adam Knight – Badman
Wob – Out Of Season
Thirst – Kissing Mr Easy
J.C.Regulator – Mandy
Grand Valley Speedway – Steve Mcqueen
Sugar Rush – Weather Or Not
Joda – Brand New Me
Hip Slinky – Hear Your Name
Upper Tier – Nuts & Raisins
Lazydog – Vanitarium
Scarlet Soho – No Encore
Brodie – Metal Liqor
Vex Red – Tired
Me Against It All – Every Single Day
Melaleuca – Eudaimonia
I-Jay – Millennium Times Blues

Farnborough Groove Volume 10 (2004)

I-Jay – (Doin The) Farnborough Groove
Angry Boy – Routine Something
Mindwire – Bedhead
Ipanema – Je Suis Un Baseball Bat
Strobe 45 – Colours Of Your Pride
Wherewithal – Artists Impression
Bernard – Last Breath
Without Grace – Under Exaggerated
Ornakay – At Ease
Naked Apes – Wasted
Sucka – Drunk Date
In The Dark – Smashed Mirrors
Cephas – Pursuit For Purity
Karn8 – Wicked Boy
Melaleuca – End Communication
Three Man Amp – I Won’t Play
Space Bikini – Good Times
Two Days Too Late – Fading In
Scenes – Scenes
Opus – Interlude
DIY Cravings – It’s A Life
Lemonade Wage – Telephone Radiation
Wob – If I Was

Best Of Farnborough Groove Volumes 1–10 (1991–2004)

Blindmans Rainbow – All Gone
Giant Arc – Fire Up The Sun
The Sack – One Small Cut
Phobia – Inside Out
Sad Town – Is God Shining Down On Them?
After The Dream – Artoria
Blue Velvet – Shot Yourself Down
Peachrazor – Heaven
The River Thieves – Winter
Vox Pop – Pretty Impossible
The Four Marys – The Bouncing Song
The Rileys – Time Will Pass
Toys In The Attic – Lost
Who Moved The Ground? – Boredom
Caged – Line Up The Arrows
Pallet – Bad Hair Day
Grateful – Skipper
The Perfect Circles – Rainchaser
Inter – First
Kilter – Solar
Ten Feet High – Break My Fall
Dick Savage – Time To Sleep
Hip Slinky – She’s So High
Wob – Hopeless
Cephas – Quiet Cancer
Melaleuca – End Communication
Reuben – Words From Reuben
Vex Red – Tired
I-Jay – (Doin’ The) Farnborough Groove
Mindwire – Bedhead
Two Days Too Late – Fading In

Farnborough Groove Volume 11 (2018)

A Very Deep Hole – Porcelain God
Amber Richmond – Fifteen
Andy Ruddy – Every Wrong Turn
Atlantic Fire – Lack Of Colour
Billy Liberator – Just Be
Blindmans Rainbow – Love Surrenders
Date – Falling Apart
Dead Days – Try
Dead State – Death Comes In Threes
Deano & Co. – Secrets (That You Money Can’t Buy)
Down Love – Those Words You Said – For Wiz
Fainites – Body of Bones
Freeze The Atlantic – You Drove Me To Taxidermy
Fuzzwalker – Continental Breakfast
GINsing – Falling Like a Clown
Here Are The Young Men – This Is What A Band Looks Like
I Plead Irony – What If
I-Jay– Rumours Of War
Isle Of The Cheetah – Mayhem
J C Fenton – Hold On
J Lee and the Hoodoo Skulls – Women
Jindivik – Down
Kevin Burgess – Different
Kilter – The Grip
LoveLess – Misery
Mikey Riley – Nostalgia
Parachute For Gordo – Gopher a Nap
Phoenix Chroi – Beaches
Scarlet Soho – Professionals
Smalltown Glory – Third Light (The Young Known Soldier)
Smiley’s Friends Eclectic – She Won’t Leave You
So-Crates – Change Your Ways
Sore Teeth – Hollow
The 109s – No Shame
The Divide – Raise A Glass
The Landings – Lost To This World
Wob – Like Trees
Your Idiot Sidekick – I’ve Been Setting Fires To Feel Joy
Yuno Koma – See You In Heaven